Dimitri Zafirov: How He Creates His Art

Pixel art is another form of arts which is base on the digital world. It is widely use in the computer database for some fun and stuffs. For those who are not familiar with this art, it is drawn in the computer, made by small cubes or dots formed into a bigger image. This can only be made through computer graphics software. It is a very common arts being used in the media platform, like games, animation and counterfeit. You can see this pixel arts in your Windows program, the icons being used in the software are made of pixel.

Dimitri Zafirov uses paint editor to the bitmap editor in forming pixel art. There are other useful programs for making pixel art but paint editor is commonly used by many users. When creating a pixel art, it is better to begin with the outline instead of the other details. It is where you formed the edges and the angles if needed and then figure out on how to fill in the other details. The shape is somehow one of the toughest part especially for beginners but once you get the hangs of it, you will learn eventually.

If you feel like shape is really hard to manipulate, you may create more shapes in smaller parts then once you get the shapes you desired, form it into one. Another thing to take note is the blending of colors or the shading part. It is where you fill in the colors to the outline or the appropriate boxes.

There are shades of color built-in the program and you use it base on the integral aspects. You must consider using slightly darker color in your outline so it will give the image the shape which you are portraying. Most importantly, avoid clicking or dragging much of the pixels otherwise you will not have formed anything.