A while back, I discovered Habaneros. It was love at first bite. That good burn, the endorphin inducing pain, the afterglow of euphoria. It was all there. I have been a H.O.T. LOVER ever since.

I bought my first jar of Habanero hot sauce at a gourmet shop in San Antonio’s North Star mall called “Calido Chili Traders”. The stuff was sooo good! The only problem was, it cost $9.95 for a few ounces of the stuff and I started eating a jar of it every few days. I could see myself having to hock my TV to feed my habit. So, I started researching the product, trying to reverse engineer it so I could make my own and cut out the middle men. For over a year, I made batch after batch, using first a little of this, then a little of that, and adjusting ingredients with each batch. My wife, who is a  professional gourmet cook was greatly instrumental in the research. The first Habaneros I bought were the whole, dried kind, sold in bulk at the grocery store and a pound was only $11.75.  In about a year of serious research and ravenous consumption, my stash of hab’s ran out and I went back to the store for another pound or so of the now precious staple of my diet. There were no hab’s to be found in the bulk chili section at the grocery store. I was referred instead to the rotating rack of tiny packets where I found the little darlings for a mere $1.79 for 1/4 oz. After I picked myself up off the floor, I began to think. Some others must have gotten wind of the value of this delicacy. It was plain to me that I would have to grow my own Habaneros.

The rest is history. My crop did very well in the H.O.T. Texas sun and I soon had more than I could eat. 

The recipe is for a very hearty, flavorful, and H.O.T. sauce. For 5 years we sold the Habanero power and gave the recipe away. Thousands of people are now enjoying this “perfect” sauce. Now you can buy the stuff in the bottle.